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At Tracy Langston Ford, we know our Ford-built SUVs, crossover, cars, and pickup trucks, are the best vehicles around. But, we also know there are a lot of other vehicles trying to win your attention.

If you're torn between the stylish Ford Edge crossover and the competition, let us help set your mind at ease. As you can see from the side-by-side comparisons we've done here, the Ford Edge is always the best choice.

The Ford Edge vs. the Nissan Murano

  • Engine options. The Ford crossover gives drivers a choice between engines. There are two to choose from, depending on how much power you like behind the wheel and how efficient you want your vehicle to be. The first Ford Edge engine is a 245-horsepower four-cylinder, the second one is a 280-horsepower V6, and the third option is a 315-horsepower V6. The Nissan Murano, on the other hand, has just one engine, a 260-horsepower V6, and drivers have to take it or leave it.
  • Storage compartments. The Ford Edge comes with plenty of storage space inside the cabin for all of the smaller items you need to take with you. These include two covered bins, as well as a deep storage compartment in the center. The Nissan Murano really doesn't have any small-item storage, with only the center console armrest storage compartment available.
  • Cargo space. The Ford Edge offers much more room for your larger items than the Nissan Murano, as well. In fact, the Edge has more than 39 cubic feet of storage in the rear, while the Nissan only has around 32 cubic feet available. Both models gain a little more space by folding the rear seats, but, the Ford Edge is still the roomier crossover.

The Ford Edge vs. the Hyundai Santa Fe

  • Space and cargo storage. While the Ford Edge and  the Hyundai Santa Fe are similarly-sized SUV crossovers, the Santa Fe tries to make you think it's bigger by adding a third row of seating. However, all this does is make the cargo space in the Santa Fe teeny tiny, and it makes for a cramped third row that's best suited for small children. In fact, while the Ford Edge can offer a healthy 39.2 cubic feet of storage in the rear cargo hold, the Hyundai model only offers 13.5 cubic feet, because of the third row of seating taking up the rear of the vehicle.
  • Passenger room. Again, thanks to the squeezing in of a third row of seats inside the Hyundai Santa Fe, the Ford Edge offers a roomier ride all around. You and your passengers will enjoy more headroom, legroom, shoulder room, and elbow room, in the Ford Edge than you would in the Hyundai Santa Fe, especially in the front seat.
  • Fuel economy. The Ford Edge is better on a tank of gas than the Hyundai Santa Fe. While the Ford averages 21 mpg in the city, and 29 mpg on the highway, the Hyundai only averages around 18 mpg in the city, and 25 mpg on the highway.

The Ford Edge vs. the Chevrolet Equinox

  • Cargo storage. As with any comparison pitting the Ford Edge against the competition, the amount of cargo storage offered is much greater in the Edge than the Chevy Equinox. While the Edge has a capacity of just over 39 cubic feet, the Equinox maximum capacity is only 29.9 cubic feet.
  • Power and performance. Both the Ford Edge and the Chevy Equinox have three possibly engines to choose from. However, the Ford offers drivers a lot more oomph, with the base engine putting out 245 horsepower, while the Equinox base option only offers 170 horsepower. The Equinox does have a diesel-powered option that the Ford Edge does not, for drivers who like that option. However, only the Ford Edge has a top engine choice that offers a fun 315 horsepower.
  • Fuel capacity. The Ford Edge fuel tank holds a lot more fuel at one time than the Chevy. What this translates to for you is fewer stops at the gas station per week, and the ability to go farther per fill-up in the Ford Edge than the Chevy Equinox.

The Ford Edge vs. the Mazda CX-5

  • Engine choice and power. The Mazda CX-5 has just one engine in its lineup, a 187-horsepower four-cylinder. This doesn't even come close to comparing to the Ford Edge, with its three possible engines, and starting 245-horsepower, four-cylinder engine.
  • Standard features. The Ford Edge has a great list of standard tech amenities to offer, including a rearview camera, voice controls, and Bluetooth. With the Mazda CX-5, however, drivers have to move up trim levels and spend more money to get similar features as those they get automatically on the Ford.
  • Passenger space and cargo space. The Ford Edge remains the leader in cargo storage in this comparison as well. In fact, the Edge offers more than nine cubic feet greater cargo space than the Mazda, and it has more headroom, legroom, and elbow room for you and your passengers.

The Ford Edge vs. the Honda CR-V

Both the Ford Edge and Honda CR-V believe in providing a certain presence on the road, but which has what it takes to support your busy lifestyle? Whether you're interested in an AWD SUV or you want something that has the space necessary to accommodate your needs, investing in the right vehicle is key. Learn how these models differ where it matters most.

The Ford Edge vs. the Toyota RAV4

If you've been caught between selecting the Ford Edge or the Toyota RAV4, you will want to read about how these two compare regarding cost, features, and space. Driving an SUV with limited options can leave a driver feeling unhappy, and that should never be the case. With ample cargo room the Edge provides a leg up on the Toyota RAV4, but during your test drive you'll discover personal reasons to appreciate one over the other.

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